A Proud Scouse Voiceover...

As a proud Scouser who grew up wanting to be an actor...I was told on more than one occasion that to succeed in this industry I would have to lose my accent...

Fast forward a decade or so and I'm proud to say I'm sat here as a successful Voice Actor - accent intact.

My work has taken me all over the world and it's safe to say, people LOVE a Scouse accent.

They hear it as friendly, warm. engaging and bright. Of course, I regularly get booked for that chatty, conversational, 'girl next door' read. And I love it! It's bang on trend.

But times are changing and it's becoming more and more common to get booked for a more formal, corporate, professional read by companies who LOVE the warm and approachable style of a scouse accent for their corporate videos, e-learning, events, and explainer videos.

I'm proud of my native accent and proud to have been able to showcase it on commercials, promos, narrations, and even audiobooks. 

Equally at home in a professional studio anywhere or in my home, broadcast quality Vocal Studio; with DemVox vocal booth, Sennheiser MHK 416 and Source Connect for direct dial-in and direction - 

I can voice your project at your place or mine. Any time.

So whether you're a Liverpool / Merseyside company looking for that authentic read from an experienced Voiceover...

Or a company or brand anywhere in the UK or the world who wants that instant 'put your audience at ease and make them sit up and listen' voice for your next campaign...

Then simply hit me up on the contact details on the bottom of this page. And I'd be delighted to hear about your project. 

There are samples of work on this page and the demo section and you're always welcome to a custom demo if you want to see how your next campaign might sound with a touch of the Scouse...

Who knows, you - and your audience - might just fall in love with the Liverpudlian lilt...

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Scouse Samples

Welcome to Liverpool

Welcome to Liverpool

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